By Hugo Sharp

By Hugo Sharp

When you were selected to play Bigsound, where were you?

I was in my shed writing a song I’m pretty sure - it was awful from what I can remember haha

What’s your greatest source of inspiration for making music?
I’d say the people around me - the relationships I have with them and the events going on in my life and theirs. I always find myself taking inspiration from that sorta stuff and then usually exaggerating it a bit.

What does ‘innovation in music’ mean to you?

It doesn’t mean much to me haha, Like I find myself enjoying a bunch of music that’s pretty derivative but has something special going on. I think earnestness and honesty is more important.

“When someone sneezes and they bless themselves”

What challenges have you had to face in order to grow?

I was homeless and jobless, staying at my girlfriends for about a month. That was definitely a bit of a struggle cause all my stuff was in her living room and it was a small apartment and stuff. Got a lot of sad songs out of it though haha

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

‘Just do it’ thanks Nike and Shia LaBeouf

How do you apply that advice to your day-to-day?

I spend a fair bit of time just working away at things I find. I really enjoy the routine of getting up, having a coffee then going into the shed and doing some mixing or recording or whatever.

When was the last time you felt compassion for something/someone and why?

Something that stuck with me from when I was living in Footscray is this homeless man, think his name was Ben or something I can’t remember, who always sat outside the Coles. I ended up talking to him a bit since I walked past him everyday. There was something he said about how only weeks ago he’d had a place and a job and how quick it all happened to him being on the streets and how he had to be homeless for a certain amount of time till centrelink paid him. I remember seeing him the centrelink offices and it looked like all the life had been sucked out of him. I think he’s doing alright now though cause last time I ran into him he had a room and has getting his pension finally. But yeah that’s stuck with me and also made me realise how easy it is to try and ignore those people struggling.

What role does ‘fear’ play in your life? How does it affect you as an artist?

I’ve got a massive imposter syndrome I reckon. So I’m constantly scared that when I’m recording someone or mixing that I’m not worth or it’ll turn out awful and it’ll all be my fault. I guess I find it pushes me to try and give my all cause I get really upset if I do a shitty job lol

Name one ‘human’ thing/act that makes you smile. For example: laughing with a friend, an accidental fart, exaggerated yawning, sleeping next to someone you love etc..

When someone sneezes and they bless themselves

Quick-Fire Response! When you hear the word:

Simplicity - Cracking Open A Beer

History - My Hygiene

Plant-based - Vegan Sushi

Sex - Wild

Privilege - North Shore Sydney Boys

Sustainability - Nice

Bravery - Getting out of bed when you need a pee but it’s super cold

Seriousness - Polycystic Ovaries

Cool - Righteous

Home - Melbourne

What’s next for you in the coming year?

I’m putting out an album called ‘Under The Weather’ that I’ve been sitting on for ages so I’m super keen to finally put that out. I’m also in the midst of getting another album done and hopefully playing more shows and all that.

Lastly: Pay it Forward - Recommend a friend/acquaintance/hero to be featured in our next quarter and tell us why.

Slush - just finished mixing their EP and their songs are bullshit good. Please have a listen if you get a chance !!

Larissa Ryan