Carla Geneve

Carla Geneve by Hugo Sharp

When you were selected to play Bigsound, where were you?

I actually don’t remember! I think i was eating breakfast.

How would you describe your music?

I would say folk lyrics with harder rock tones. I want it to sound a little bit ugly sometimes.

What does ‘innovation in music’ mean to you?

Musically, I think doing something that makes people sit up and listen, whether that be sound wise, or story wise. Making people say that they haven’t heard it quite like that before. I feel like there can be innovation in other parts of the field, like changing the way the industry is working. Right now the #metoo movement is doing that.

Who do you think is leading innovation in your industry today? Why?

I think in terms of both of those things, acts like Camp Cope and Stella Donnelly are making a difference.

“As women, we are the most empowered we have ever been, and hopefully that leads to a snowball of more empowerment.”

Is being misunderstood something you fear? What other challenges have you had to overcome in order to get to where you are today?

I feel like for anyone who isn’t the artist creating music, interpretation is everything. People love songs because of how they relate to them. In that way i think people understanding my music in their own way is one of the best parts of writing songs. It’s kind of like my one song picks up all this other meaning as soon as people hear it. I think that’s really beautiful, that people can take away what they want to.

I think I have been really lucky to be surrounded by creative and supportive people, and also to be lucky enough to be able to spend the amount of time i have spent on playing improving my skills, so I haven’t had too many big challenges so far,  but I do think being a female in this industry is a challenge. Even with something as simple as starting out as a young guitarist with a lack of female role models, or having a gig environment dominated by older guys, it can be intimidating and pretty off-putting. Even if some women aren’t conscious of challenges like this I believe they’re very real.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Play with musicians that are better than you.

How do you apply that advice to the day-to-day and your music?

My band are super super talented, and I spend a lot of time around other creative friends, listening to what they’re doing and learning how they have done it.

Why do you think it’s a good time to be a woman?

Because things are changing. They have been for a long time, and they still will have to be for a long time. As women, we are the most empowered we have ever been, and hopefully that leads to a snowball of more empowerment.

Quick-Fire Response! When you hear the word:

Patriarchy - death to

History - i might study it next year!

Plant-based - ???

Sex - privacy

Privilege - mindfulness

Sustainability - important

Bravery - perseverance

Seriousness - funny

Freedom - driving

Home -  my childhood bedroom

What’s next for you in the coming year?

We really hope to tour as much as possible, playing live is what i’m passionate about. I’m very keen to release an EP early next year too!

Lastly: Pay it Forward - Recommend a friend/acquaintance/hero to be featured in our next quarter and tell us why.

My friends from the band Spacey Jane! They’re so good!!

Larissa Ryan